Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Missha swatch and review

Here are the swatches of the shadows...


Mind you thats not my arm :P thats the SO's lol..I've been having this weird alergic reaction to something (possibly change of season..yea I'm sensitive like that!) so I dont want to put on some funky stuff on my skin.

Ok..here's my 2 cents on this brand..
1.Theyre dirt cheap!
2.They have many selections.
3.Shimmery and glittery (if you like it that way).

1.Not pigmented enough.
2.Some of them too gliterry for me and some too chalky.

Overall..maybe I wont be buying them again. Theyre good for those of you who like something more subtle (maybe for wash all over color. I like them because theyre cheap enough so you can play around with them, but seriously tho you could just pick up NYX and the quality and pigmentation would be better. Dont kill me for this..maybe they'll work for you.


jeSmakeup said...

so would u purchase again? how much r they anyways?

ainstein said...

i like the purple n the green. they do look chalky good thing it was cheap! i was trying to figure out which part of ur body that was and then i read it was ur bf's arm LOL

thanks for swatchin it sweets!

Alyssa said...

My friend told me today they're not that good either. :/ Have you tried them with colored based beneath it? It usually helps with a base.