Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So..this is supposed to be my first entry. Let me introduce myself really quick..I’m just an ordinary girl (really!) who loves make up as much as most of you who’s reading this (me blabbing away). Why you need to waste your precious moment and fucking read this? Well..honestly I really dont know Put it this why..I’m as curious as you or maybe even more since I’m also a very busy body (wink at the bf) I lurk around at other forums and people sites just to know what they’re up to or trying to gain whatever I can from them.

On those rare occasions, I can also find deals and will gladly share them with you. As much as I love my Sephora..a girl cant really rely everything from there (unless youre one of Donald Trump’s mistress) I love my high ends (will gladly to review them for you) and never forgetting my low ends (Trust me..Sunday newspapers is your bestie..I’ll tell you why later) Basically what I’m trying to say is..I’m an addict..there..

I’m not usually this boring..trust me. But since this is my intro..I do want to make it little bit proper, till you see the real me Anyway..I’m…DONE!!

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