Thursday, October 30, 2008

Would you be my lolita?

Ok this my entry for Japanese Lolita look for Miss Kimberly contest!!...


And my lolita look...

(sorry bout the dirty mirror!!)

(I draw my brows using eyeliner pencil lol)

Used :
Mac Sharkskin (base)
Random burgundy e/s (crease)
Mac old gold pigment (lids)
Glominerals glo pressed powder (highlights)
Blacktrack f/l (eyeliner)
Random pencil e/l on brows
Black e/s from YSL palette love to line my crease then smudge a bit.

black e/s to rim the lips and blend with red gloss from YSL palette.

vincent longo liquid foundation (around 2 color lighter than my natural shade)

I also bought some "hair piece/accessory" honestly I really dont know the use of that thing..I just tied it around my pony tail..
I enjoy this contest so bf almost die when he looked at my face!! He was like..wth..ok I wont ask..weirdo!
If you wanna know more about how to do Gothic lolita..just check out this website

Good night dolls!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Purple every day look

This is the look I have me theyre more vibrant in person..not as crazy but just enough..

What I used..
Mac Sweetie cake palette
Lids : light pink
crease : light pink mix witht the purple
Inner crease : Stila cassis
Highlight : Chanel white e/s (forgot the name)

I still need to upload some pictures from Universal Studios Halloween horror night and some pictures on my new Halloween theme look nails :D..I also did some tut on easy smokey look and lastly I'm going to do some swatches on Barry M (maybe a look too) many things to do..just need to find time and courage post them lol..I'm off...

Saturday, October 25, 2008 ask?

So this is my "natural" way..everything about me is always about dark dark colors..

I used the brown color from Jesse's girl mineral eye shadow (MSF dupe? not so much) on my crease. I grab em when theyre having clearence sale on Riteaid..regret? Not really..theyre dirt cheap. I also applied it on my cheeks to give some subtle warm glow..did I achieve it? well..they were kinda glowy and glittery looking today.

Nars Galapagos on inner crease

Some random white eye liner pencil on my lid and top it with the cream coloe shadow from Kat Von D palette

Someone asked me.."why you dont show your whole face when youre doing your FOTD"?'s the thing..I do my eyes first in the morning, then the rest. So BEFORE I get too lazy to take some pictures I just do it as soon as I'm done with my eyes. One more thing..most of the time when I do a look..I usually do it when I'm lounging and doin nothing at home..there's no need to do the whole face for that..dont ya think?

I went to Mitsuwa today..grab me some Mandom makeup remover and some body wash (mainly for fun and to torture my bf so he'd smell like a bitch). While I was there I couldnt help myself to grab some sushi grade salmon and make some Korean style sashimi rice (hwe dup bap?)(thank you alyssa) God damn that shiet was so good!! The bf eat that shiet up like theres no tommorow!!

I also stop by at Sally's and got me some falsies..theyre on sale!! Go get them now!!

Whoa enough jabbering..I'm done..oh yea tomorrow Ima go to Halloween Horror sho!! so what are you ladies gon do tomorrow?

Ok nite nite dolls!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jaded eyes i was doin nothin this afternoon...and this is what I ended up doing..

I was trying to recreate this look for a contest..

I know!!! I'm like..what the there you first and LAST tut on youtube..that shiet killing me..God..took me forever and a day from beginning to end..since I'm stupid like that..but oh well.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pink eyes :D

Hot Pink Smokey Eyes!! (wuzzy contest) I was I dont usually join contest (I'm a lazy bum) so I dont usually whoring in front of my camera (again..I'm lazy like that) BUT..I wanna enter this one because..
1.My aunt is a one hella survivor..breast cancer that is..
2.Come one...its pink theme..
Nuff reason for me to I drag my fat ass..and try to work it..not perfect (not use to fake lashes..insert more excuses here) since this is my first or lose..I'm enjoying the ride!!

Excuse my messy hair & PJ's!!

What I used
Too faced eye shadow primer
Barry M hot pink pigment (Lid)
Mac deep purple pigment (crease)
Mac kitchmas pigment (inner lid)
UD Oil slick (outer v)
Shue Highlighter
Nyx Hot pink jumbo shadow

Mac Barbie beauty powder

Lancome Juice tube

Ok...thats it for now...I cant remember the name one by one actually If you wanna know exactly what i used..just leave me a comment!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lemme take you down the memory lane.. you all probably already know..NKOTB is making a comeback. I used to love them with ever bits of my breathing heart (yea..that cheesy!!) I would cry in front of their big ass posters before sleep..go to to their concerts..collecting all their memorabilia that I could put my hands on. This time around I'm not that extreme...but I'm feelin couple of their newest singles...

Cant go wrong...Ne-yo in it!

Ahhhh...TOO many forbidden memories here lol..maybe Imma go to their concert for the sake of my childhood's memories..yea rite!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Not one...but two!!

I'm on a roll...

Nars Persepolis
Nars Night Porter
Mac Teal Pigment
Shue Highlighter
Mac Blacktrack
Mac Engraved
Mac Jealous
Missha blue eye shadow base

I swear this is the last one..

Friday, October 10, 2008

Boredom takes me over...

I dont usually do this..but I'm really bored now and dont feel like doin nothin..just chillin in my pj's and messin around with my babies...

Mac Pharaoh (Base)
Missa Yellow (lids)
Missa Purple (Mid sections)
Stila Cassis (Outer crease)
Shu Uemura Highlighter
Mac Teddy
Mac Engraved
Shiseido Eyebrow pencil

They're just a tad more pigmented in person (the color bit washed out here)...but a food base really does help..a lot!!
I dont have anything on my face just the eyes for now...
Have a great weekend dolls!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Update on Missha

So some girls were me some questions regarding the shadows...Ima answer them all at once..
1. No, I dont think I'll repurchase this again..
2. They cost $1 a pop during their store grand opening (which is right now)and $3.99 at regular price.
So some recommend me to put some colored eye shadow base under out of boredom...this is what I did..

And these are the bases that I used..

Mac Hot & Sour Paint
Shiseido Hydro Powder (Plum something)
Pharaoh Paint Pot
Benefit LemonAid

I found them to be little bit "brighter" that way, but still you cant compare to other HE shadows. If you feel like getting them, do try to invest on a very good base..that way they wont go to waste. For more info just go directly to their website Missha.

More questions? shoot away!! Like it that way I know what to talk about ;)