Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hi, Dolls
Thanks for all the get well wishes :) I'm almost back up and running again like normal , so stay tune for more craziness from me!!!
Also I received my Eyeko goodies a week ago and been messin with them for a while now...tons of look on them..
So..what's new mamas? Holla at me!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I've been feeling like shiet lately. I dont know if its the weather or I'm just too damn tired. Last night while cruisin around with the bf, I stopped by at Phoenix in Arcadia (all 626 girls prolly know about this ;) ) My sick ass needed hot food BAD! Since I'm asian..well my kinda food is a big ole porridge...God knows how good it was at that moment!!
Anyhoo...I also checked out that little asian convenient store where they sell Japanese and Chinese junks (that i love). Guess what I found there!!

Sorry for the blurriness..I was taking picture using my phone..and theres a guy with the sales girl watching me like I'm an idiot or something..leave me alone I'm taking pictures..not jacking you stuff lol!
Yea those pricey eye shadow palettes!! That shiet cost you almost like Chanel! They have many other things too..such as DHC, nail stuff (rhinestones, polish, ribbons for nails), snacks, magazines, stationery's and many more.

The store itself is not that big and the varieties are just ok..but since its really close by to my house..I cant complain much...better than nothing aightt mama?!?

Here's the address for Phoenix
1108 S Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA

Once youre there you'll easily find that little store..its by the Yogurt shop (same big open lot) right on the corner. Across the street from Phoenix they have this really good and cheap bakery too..ahhhh how lucky I am!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not work appropriate

Check this one funny, but educational?!?! lol
Got the link from Pursebuzz!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shiseido Pureness Oil Control Blotting Paper

OK..I cant rave enough about this blotting paper! I have been using it for years and still going. I have combination skin and sometimes it gets very oily around the t-zone area...but this thing does it magic every single time! I tried many different brands, but always coming back to this one. It's a bit pricey, but it comes with 100 sheets in a package..that will definitely last you a long time.

I suggest you to use a blotting paper first before you touch-up your make-up. That way the paper will take away the excess oil, instead of just piling more junk on your face and clogging your pores (pimples people!). Hell, with this thing I dont even touch up! I just "refresh" my face in the middle of the day and I'm good for the day.

Where to buy

Price :$16.50

1. Takes away your shine using just 1 sheet.
2. There's no powdery residue coming out of it like some brand.
3. Scent free.

1.Little bit pricey to some.
2.The packaging can be a bit dirty after awhile.

You'll be Callin me..

I was browsin around youtube..then came along this song...

Memories..memories.. ass gettin old!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bath&Body Works & Discount Codes..Kate Spade private sample sales!!

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Broke, yet?

Vincent Longo Sale & Benefit BSpot Event!!

(credited :Haute Look)
Go check them out at Haute Look

Benefit Scavenger Hunt

Good luck!!
Lemme now what you got!! Happy shopping :D

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello Lovers...

So yea..I'm back!! How are you dolls doin? I'm dead tired! you all know I won A contest!! Last week while I was away a gigantic box came to my house and that box full of goodies!! Ok I wont bored you no more...

A video..gasp!! uhhhh ahhh...yea Wuzzy..youre that special *wink wink* I didnt lie when I said I'm dead tired!

These are the looks I did from couple of days ago...

Oh yea..I also posted a new look on youtube yesterday (I was bored!!)

Aight love I think thats enough of "me" in one night ;)...nite nite :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Urban 25% off!!

For those of you who has been lemming Urban Decay 24/7 pencils set..well this one for you mamas.
Right now as part of Lucky Breaks deal Urban Outfitters online giving you 25% off of their entire items on their website. Shipping should be around $6...
Just enter this code : LUCKYBREAKS8

Things worth checkin out

They're on sale here for only $6!!

(Pictures credit

Hell get some other new things too while youre there...a discount like this wont come around often!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Eyeko, love!

Thanks to VansMakeup I know about this deal! I heard about this one particular brand long ass time ago! Sephora used to have them..but dont know what happened :( Dont you think they're cute?!?! and of course best of packaging..nuff said!

Right now on their UK website there are some deals goin on..not 1 but 2!! First you'll get free shipping worldwide..second Buy 2 get 1 free! So for those of you who's been feenin or meaning to try them out..hurry up!! what are you waiting for!! I dont know when the deals end, but I know that I'll get them asap!

On my gotta get em list

Two of their eye shadows..they're only 5 pounds each!!

And maybe their Strawbery fat balm, again..5 pounds!

I'm still not sure about them tho..I'm not familiar with their I'm kinda worry about the quality of the shadows...but I'm a freak like I might end up getting most of them..we'll see! I'm also eyeing their eyeliners...not like I dont have enough of e/l already..but yea!

Aight girls..this is their website...get krackinnnn now..

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Barry M Dazzle dust

Hi dolls..hows your Halloween?! I didnt really do much, since its been too cold last weekend..and my ass doenst do well in cold weather!

Anyhoo..These are the swatches and some look I did on Barry M pigments. Its kinda ghetto lol...coz I just used whatever color i had in front of me at the moment (they kinda match..but a little bit too extreme..pardon my boredom!!).

Here are the picture of the ones that I have

82 - 78 - 84

You can get them at your local drugstore for all UK ladies..sadly its not available here for us US girls. If you really want them, you can always get them online from their website IF you dont care about shipping fee!!

1. Cheap..around $9 US moolah..
2. Pigmentation pretty good!
3. Really fine texture, theyre not chunky at all.
4. Pretty glittery (if you like it that way)
5. Many color selections!!

1. When youre feenin' you cant get em easily here!!
2. The packaging really bad! Its just matter of time before I spill everything every where! yeah theyre not dumb ass proof! But if youre good with mac pigments or any sort of pigments..then you'll do just fine.

I had my nails done last week...lookie lookie..Halloween

Can you see mr spidey there?

I also wanna holla at miss Fuzzy!!! thank you so much for making me the winner of your contest!! cant wait cant it..I'm gon start stalkin my mail man starting tomorrow :P

Aight...imma go now..have a great week loves!!