Thursday, September 18, 2008

Toofaced shadow insurance

So I got my shipment from TooFaced yesterday. I dont know why it took soo long to get here *pout* They're in fucking Irvine (40 mins away from my hood). Well..I guess you cant really do much when youre getting it 30% off with free shipping lol.

I bought the shadow insurance (SI) to replace my UDPP (damn I hate that thing! but thats another story) So far I'm liking my SI..I think what makes it better then UDPP are

1. Texture wise
SI is very creamy, I think it almost feel like a concealer consistency and for me thats perfect! It blends easily into your skin so it doesnt leave any white residue like UDPP.

2. Blending
If you have UDPP you know that blending e/s on top of UDPP is a bitch! I tug and drag my skin away like crazy sometimes. SI just melts into your skin and blending is just dreamy!

UDPP packaging sux!! I cut open my bottle a month ago and put it into a jar..wich is not good...bacteria..drying..nuff said!! SI packaging is very just squeeze out the amount that you need and thats it. No cutting or chopping nessasary!!

They both really last the whole least on me and around the same price range..but you know which one is my must have.

Right now they also have promotion where you can get 30% off and free shipping on any toofaced products (no limit) just use this code DCBEAUTY. I dont know when will it go grab yours now!!

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