Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dream Dinners

I just found out about this site today!! I heard about it like years ago from Foodnetwork..but by then gas wasnt that crazy and everything still very very cheap! This is such a nifty idea for me..since I spend so much moolah every month just for eating out!

I love to cook..but sometimes there's just not enough time in this world for me to to do so! I fucking hate prepping all the stuff for just 2 dishes. It gets even worse when I try to cook Indonesian cooking! That shiet need hours of preparation..with all the chopping, grinding, marinating and the whole nine the end of the day..I'm just too tired to eat!

What I like about this company is..YOU do all the cooking! Well they do all the cubing, chopping and whatnot for you..but YOU cook it and prepare it in the comfort of your own home! Whats not to like!

As soon as I get home..I checked out their website and lurk thing you know..I joined their program for tomorrow afternoon :P I'm still not quite sure how the system goes, so I choose their Sample package first. It cost $75 (6 different meals for 3 portions/meals) which I think pretty reasonable. Think about it...1 dinner at a sushi place usually cost me at least $70 (I go at least once a week)!! and we go out at least 3x/week (not all sushi of course..but roughly we spend at least $30) Look at the amount of gas and time we can save with this shiet!! The full package price is around $170 and up (6 or more different meals at 3 serving each meals) and that my friend will feed you and your hungry SO, your dog maybe neighbor (when you feelin generous) for a whole MONTH! pshhh..thats what I call a good deal!!

This is a good deal for someone who doesnt have time to cook, but still want to have and feel like they make a good down home cooking from their own kitchen!! Go and check out their website for more info.

Ok enough of me tryna be Martha...IM...DONE!

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