Monday, September 22, 2008

Artdeco Eye shadow base

I cant rave enuff! This thing is my magic cream..the best of the best and the price also crazily cheap (around 10 Euro I guess) for something that work so good! HG HG!!

For those of you whos not familiar with this brand..well you should!! i kid I kid..this is Germany brand (so you cant find it here) So for us US girls...we can only dream..unless you can be friend with some girls from specktra or MUA (thats how I got mine) and get it from a swap or hell who am I kidding..PAY HER! I didnt realize how good it is till i tried almost every base available here! UDPP, Paintpots, shadesticks, Shadow insurance and the list could go on and on...still I keep on going back to my beloved Artdeco.

What so good about this thing? OMG..ok first of only need a little tiny bit of it for your whole eye lids. The consistency is abit ticker than Toofaced, but its very creamy. This thing makes your shadow last the whole effin day with no creasing and as an added will make the colors more vibrant too! It works for me and I have some pretty oily lids (not monolids but you know..asian lids)

What I kinda hate about this thing is..they have this cheap man perfumey scents to will eventually dissappear, but I find it bit annoying..not enough to make me stop using it tho!

I have 2 jar of back ups right here waiting for me and still havent finish my old jar since couple of months ago. I didnt use it every day since I like to rotate my base (so they wont dry out) but seriously this bad boy will last you a very long time (5 ml/0.16 FL OZ)!

Usually in the morning after I put on my face products I put a little of this on both of my eyelids, then i let it dries a little while I'm doing my blush or my concealer. As soon as I'm done with everything else..I put on my eye shadow.

Pro : eye shadow stays a very long time and stay vibrant the whole time. Price quite cheap for the quality. You only need a little amount so a jar will last you a lotta months.

cons:the packaging...its kinda hard for me to get the products since I have a pretty long nails. It has scents. Its not easily accessible here :(

Overalll..its worth every penny!! Go get one.....


Alyssa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! :) I've heard about Artdeco eyeshadow base before, but I just ignored it since it's hard to get it... hehe~

jeSmakeup said...

hey u... don't mind at all... feel free to stop by anytime n day! =) thanks for the love<3 right back at cha hugs****

xppinkx said...

this sounds like the shit

sadly if i remember to put and eye base on...i have eye bases but i always forget to put it on...i have really oily eyelids so this seems pretty cool...

this is a european brand eh? how did you hear about it???

ainstein said...

not at all! ima add u to mines too =D thanks for stopping by!

BeautyJunkie said...

Alyssa : Try to get one..seriously..I just realized..Toofaces creases on me :(

Jes: Thanks again ;)

pink: Yea..I heard about it from Specktra I think..seriously it is the shiet..

ainstein: thanks ;)