Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Faceshop

I was at walgreens the other day..while I was browsing around aimlessly I remembered about The face shop. Basically it is a very famous Korean retailer of body, bath, skin care and make-up products. The coolest thing is they claimed that most of their items are based on natural products. (source :wikipedia)

They dont have that many options, yet...well not as many as the ones on walgreens' website. They have several masks inn my store and the girl who work there even gave me 2 samples to try :P. Currently they have promotion 2 maskes for $5..Its good if you wanna try it out first.

Honestly I havent tried it out yet, but based on Intouch magazine (my weekly doze of celeb gossips..mind you) a lot of Hollywood stars like it..well if its good for them..then my ass gon try em! God..I'm such a suckkaaa!!

If you dont have any walgreens around you..just go to their website or even go directly to The face shop website. Honestly...I would love to try their cleansing wipes...but I'll try their freebies first..then decide if If I wanna pay the shipping for them or not.

I bought one more (insert useless) thing from Walgreens...but I'm too tired to post now..guess I'll do it tommorow. I'm done.....

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