Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hey girls..sorry for being MIA for far too long :(... Too many things happened (finished my twilight saga too...damn addiction!!), but mostly it was because of my boredom. So whats new? fill me in naw....
Ok this time I'm going to show you my small Eyeko collection and also 2 cents.
Sit tight and prepare yourself, since this is going to be a pretty long entry ;)

So..Thats that...
Lets begin..

This palette is my favorite of all..why you ask? Well its so versatile! I can pretty much carry this thing around (its tiny!) and set for the day. The colors are pretty vibrant and you can mix and match them! You do need a good base tho, that way your eyeshadow will adhere better and make the colors pop. You can also apply them wet (trust me, I asked) and in my opinion..I rather apply them dry with a good base.

This one is for those of you who dont really use dark colors. The colors are very subtle and more office appropriate. You really need to pack on the colors in order to make them vibrant, but it would work just fine if youre not me lol. For me, I like to combine both palettes for day to night looks..there endless of combo right thurr.

I like this balm..it smells so good! This isnt a medicated balm or anything, so if your lips are overlly dry go get yourself a chapstick. It will give your lips hint of rosey pink..unless you have a very pigmented lips like me...then it will only shows a little.

I remember toofaced has the same exact thing like this. Didnt work for me before..surely didnt work for me this time around. I like my eyeliner to be very bold and dark (think Mac Blacktrack) so if you like subtle eye liners..this one for you! The coolest thing about this product is you can practically use any shadows you have to create a new eye liner :) smart aiyeeeeeeeee...

Looks with the two palettes

Please insert this code when you ready to get em : E126 and tell em I sentcha ;)

So if want to try out something new..this one for you. Cute packaging, good quality products, great costumer service..happy me :D

Thanks Laura ;)