Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Missha swatch and review

Here are the swatches of the shadows...


Mind you thats not my arm :P thats the SO's lol..I've been having this weird alergic reaction to something (possibly change of season..yea I'm sensitive like that!) so I dont want to put on some funky stuff on my skin.

Ok..here's my 2 cents on this brand..
1.Theyre dirt cheap!
2.They have many selections.
3.Shimmery and glittery (if you like it that way).

1.Not pigmented enough.
2.Some of them too gliterry for me and some too chalky.

Overall..maybe I wont be buying them again. Theyre good for those of you who like something more subtle (maybe for wash all over color. I like them because theyre cheap enough so you can play around with them, but seriously tho you could just pick up NYX and the quality and pigmentation would be better. Dont kill me for this..maybe they'll work for you.

Monday, September 29, 2008


I went to the new Missha store on San Gabe...since its grand opening they have this promotion where some of the items are $1!! So I grabbed some stuff just to try out (dont want to go out all crazy, since I'm not that familiar with the brand) and see how my skin react to it. Sadly they dont have their infamous BB cream, but I'll be sure to go back there next week to pick one up..just 'coz.
Let me know if you need to see some swatches or review.

Overall..I think the product itself pretty hit or miss, but considering theyre less then $10 each on regular price you cant really complain, cant you?!

Aight..I'm off for now.

Holla at Fabuless Beauty for the info :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cant sleep

Cant help it..

Organizing Ideas..

I came across her page on youtube and thinking..uhmm neat!!

Lipstick color chart

-Cosmo trial offer (FREE 1 edition)

-Beauty Crunch
SENNA and POP BEAUTY products available at the site. They also have Bella palette for sale.

-Coastal Scents
Buy 2 Empty Palettes & Receive 15 extra Pans Free!
Kaolin Clay is 20% off!
All Oxides and Ultramarine's are 10% off all sizes.

Ok...Im done...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bobby Brown Shimmer Bricks Swatchie swatchie..

Ok..I really like these blushes! Not so much for BB other products, but this thing kinda one of my obsessions...sigh.



"This shimmering, brush-on powder creates a soft, rosy glow. Sweep on cheeks, after Blush, using the Face Blender Brush. Works well with neutral, pink and rose blush shades." Source


"The original Shimmer Brick Compact. This shimmering, brush-on powder creates a deep, bronze glow. Sweep on cheeks, after Blush, using the Face Blender Brush. Works well with neutral and deep blush shades." Source



"Featured in "In Style Weddings" (Summer 2008). Peach to ivory pure pearl pigments in this mirrored compact creates a soft, peachy glow. Works well with neutral and peach blush shades." Source

I love these blushes, cause sometimes I just dont want to put too much on my cheeks. I usually concentrate on my eyes..so I always tone down the rest of the face (cant afford walking around lookin like a hooker at skul). I tried with many brushes..skunkie if I want it to be more subtle or buffer brush for brighter result .

Pro: They are very good products. Very versatile, since you can use them pretty much for everything. You can use it as eye shadows (there 5 different "bricks" to chose from), all over blush or highlighter. Some of them such as Rose, Apricot and Peony can be a very good blush..while Brownie or bronze would be good to contour your face. At the end of the day no matter what color youre using, they always have the lighter side on top (highlight) and the pigmented one at the bottom (contour/blush)...thats why me likey..

Con:Pricey! At $38/pop...well thats why its an addiction...at least I dont use drugs.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I cant wait for newest season of Ugly betty!! I love that show..me and my bf (yes he watch that shiet together with me) would sit in front of the tv and basically glued to the screen the whole entire time. I dont know..I guess for me its just a perfect show..you get the craziness, comedy and fashion all in one...as for the BF..well he just like to laugh (I hope!).

Btw..last week when I went to Walgreens I also picked up Bag Balm. I dont know if you heard about this or not, but I heard it somewhere before (forgot where) and I heard its really good. I have a really dry skin and kinda chapped on my heels. This balm should heals them...at least thats what it claims.

This is what it says on the packaging

"Since 1899, Bag Balm has been the farmer's friend helping keep dairy cows from becoming chapped from the harsh Vermon environment. Its like having another hand on the farmm or a helper around the house.."

YES..it is also can be use on COWS...you should see my BF reactions.."WTF are you getting now? You ran out of make up to buy or what..you just gon toss it with the rest of you lotions?!?" Hey..its only 8 buks..it wont kill me to try!! The packaging alos kinda big (10 oz) so I'm pretty sure it will last me a long time.

What I like about it is the texture..its like vaseline, but not sticky..its just wrap your glide on your skin. I cant really say much about it, yet. Since I havent use it long enough. But hopefully this will safe me from those winter flakiness.

Ok..one thing that bug me the most is the the scent! I swear..it smells like shiet..I cant really pin point the exact scent..but it just dont smell good! It wont be a problem if you dont try to smell it, so dont!


Im so fucking tired today!! Been running around to do some errands the whole day. Imma leave you with some videos that keep me laughing for a while...

I went to Sephora today..trying to get that funky ball mascara, but they ran out..oh well...I have a pretty decent lashes (my mom said the trimmed it when I was a baby go ahead and laugh), so I might not gon need it..But hey..I'm such a sucker for good reviews...

I was also looking for Nars newest blush "Super Orgasm" Daym it..no luck either!! I can see it available online, so why cant they put the goddamn thing at the store? I have the original orgasm..I just want to make sure that its not too similar..I dont want to have 2 similar blushes..but God knows..I might give in eventually...

I'm looking for a good tinted moisturizer...Still cant decide which one I want :( Prolly just gon follow Pink and get La mer..not like I have the greatest skin..but I feel like trying something lighter for my skin and go easy with the extra coverage. The MA at Sephora recommend me Laura Mercier..but once again Pink kinda influenced me..sigh..Oh well..I need to finish my current one anyway..still have time to think..any recommendation?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Artdeco Eye shadow base

I cant rave enuff! This thing is my magic cream..the best of the best and the price also crazily cheap (around 10 Euro I guess) for something that work so good! HG HG!!

For those of you whos not familiar with this brand..well you should!! i kid I kid..this is Germany brand (so you cant find it here) So for us US girls...we can only dream..unless you can be friend with some girls from specktra or MUA (thats how I got mine) and get it from a swap or hell who am I kidding..PAY HER! I didnt realize how good it is till i tried almost every base available here! UDPP, Paintpots, shadesticks, Shadow insurance and the list could go on and on...still I keep on going back to my beloved Artdeco.

What so good about this thing? OMG..ok first of all..you only need a little tiny bit of it for your whole eye lids. The consistency is abit ticker than Toofaced, but its very creamy. This thing makes your shadow last the whole effin day with no creasing and as an added bonus..it will make the colors more vibrant too! It works for me and I have some pretty oily lids (not monolids but you know..asian lids)

What I kinda hate about this thing is..they have this cheap man perfumey scents to it...it will eventually dissappear, but I find it bit annoying..not enough to make me stop using it tho!

I have 2 jar of back ups right here waiting for me and still havent finish my old jar since couple of months ago. I didnt use it every day since I like to rotate my base (so they wont dry out) but seriously this bad boy will last you a very long time (5 ml/0.16 FL OZ)!

Usually in the morning after I put on my face products I put a little of this on both of my eyelids, then i let it dries a little while I'm doing my blush or my concealer. As soon as I'm done with everything else..I put on my eye shadow.

Pro : eye shadow stays a very long time and stay vibrant the whole time. Price quite cheap for the quality. You only need a little amount so a jar will last you a lotta months.

cons:the packaging...its kinda hard for me to get the products since I have a pretty long nails. It has scents. Its not easily accessible here :(

Overalll..its worth every penny!! Go get one.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Faceshop

I was at walgreens the other day..while I was browsing around aimlessly I remembered about The face shop. Basically it is a very famous Korean retailer of body, bath, skin care and make-up products. The coolest thing is they claimed that most of their items are based on natural products. (source :wikipedia)

They dont have that many options, yet...well not as many as the ones on walgreens' website. They have several masks inn my store and the girl who work there even gave me 2 samples to try :P. Currently they have promotion 2 maskes for $5..Its good if you wanna try it out first.

Honestly I havent tried it out yet, but based on Intouch magazine (my weekly doze of celeb gossips..mind you) a lot of Hollywood stars like it..well if its good for them..then my ass gon try em! God..I'm such a suckkaaa!!

If you dont have any walgreens around you..just go to their website or even go directly to The face shop website. Honestly...I would love to try their cleansing wipes...but I'll try their freebies first..then decide if If I wanna pay the shipping for them or not.

I bought one more (insert useless) thing from Walgreens...but I'm too tired to post now..guess I'll do it tommorow. I'm done.....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend deals

Deals Deals Deals!

Free Shipping (on any order)
Free sample collection of beautiful Fall Color with $35 purchase (JEWELS)

Free Shipping (on any order)
Free mini clinique happy fragrant with $35 purchase till 9/30 (HAPPY)

Free Fall Beauty Gift with $30 purchase till 10/9 (080353)

4.Disney Land
Free admission on your birthday!! Register here.

5.Armani Exchange
30% off on regular AND sale items till 9/21 (AXGUEST) <---momma likin this!

6.Old Navy
20% off and free shipping (BFF). In store: bring a friend and tell them the code (BFF). 9/21

7. Benefit
free standard US shipping on all orders of $30 or more till 9/23 (SEPTSHIP)

Free Aquatrio travel set with any order (FACE123)

9.Bath and Body Works
Signature Collection body splash BOGO! till 9/21

10.Coastal Scents
CLEARANCE SALE ON 24 Piece Eye Shadow Palette! $ 13.17
Save 15% On Our Entire Stock of Brushes (TOP15)

Free sample of Plantidote Mega Mushroom face serum with any order (code:09083) till 9/23.

There you go..that'll keep ya busy!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Toofaced shadow insurance

So I got my shipment from TooFaced yesterday. I dont know why it took soo long to get here *pout* They're in fucking Irvine (40 mins away from my hood). Well..I guess you cant really do much when youre getting it 30% off with free shipping lol.

I bought the shadow insurance (SI) to replace my UDPP (damn I hate that thing! but thats another story) So far I'm liking my SI..I think what makes it better then UDPP are

1. Texture wise
SI is very creamy, I think it almost feel like a concealer consistency and for me thats perfect! It blends easily into your skin so it doesnt leave any white residue like UDPP.

2. Blending
If you have UDPP you know that blending e/s on top of UDPP is a bitch! I tug and drag my skin away like crazy sometimes. SI just melts into your skin and blending is just dreamy!

UDPP packaging sux!! I cut open my bottle a month ago and put it into a jar..wich is not good...bacteria..drying..nuff said!! SI packaging is very efficient..you just squeeze out the amount that you need and thats it. No cutting or chopping nessasary!!

They both really last the whole day..at least on me and around the same price range..but you know which one is my must have.

Right now they also have promotion where you can get 30% off and free shipping on any toofaced products (no limit) just use this code DCBEAUTY. I dont know when will it ends..so go grab yours now!!

Dream Dinners

I just found out about this site today!! I heard about it like years ago from Foodnetwork..but by then gas wasnt that crazy and everything still very very cheap! This is such a nifty idea for me..since I spend so much moolah every month just for eating out!

I love to cook..but sometimes there's just not enough time in this world for me to to do so! I fucking hate prepping all the stuff for just 2 dishes. It gets even worse when I try to cook Indonesian cooking! That shiet need hours of preparation..with all the chopping, grinding, marinating and the whole nine yards..by the end of the day..I'm just too tired to eat!

What I like about this company is..YOU do all the cooking! Well they do all the cubing, chopping and whatnot for you..but YOU cook it and prepare it in the comfort of your own home! Whats not to like!

As soon as I get home..I checked out their website and lurk around...next thing you know..I joined their program for tomorrow afternoon :P I'm still not quite sure how the system goes, so I choose their Sample package first. It cost $75 (6 different meals for 3 portions/meals) which I think pretty reasonable. Think about it...1 dinner at a sushi place usually cost me at least $70 (I go at least once a week)!! and we go out at least 3x/week (not all sushi of course..but roughly we spend at least $30) Look at the amount of gas and time we can save with this shiet!! The full package price is around $170 and up (6 or more different meals at 3 serving each meals) and that my friend will feed you and your hungry SO, your dog maybe neighbor (when you feelin generous) for a whole MONTH! pshhh..thats what I call a good deal!!

This is a good deal for someone who doesnt have time to cook, but still want to have and feel like they make a good down home cooking from their own kitchen!! Go and check out their website for more info.

Ok enough of me tryna be Martha...IM...DONE!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Freakin bargains!!

There are so many deals going on right now..I cant even breathe!!
ok be prepare...

1. BCBG sample sale (cali ladiess)
BCBG Sample Sale - Up To 70% Off (LA)
Shop over 2,000 dresses, tops, hoodies, bags, and more from your favorite designers such as BCBG, Ella Moss, and Splendid. Find all sizes 0-12, in most styles, including fabulous cocktail dresses. Get some retail therapy for one day only and receive 50-70% off everything!
Brands include:
Ella Moss
Event Begins:
Event Ends:
Event Times:
Sat 10am-5pm
Marriott Residence Inn1177 S. Beverly Drive(At Pico Blvd & Beverly Dr.)Los Angeles, CA 90035 Payment Types:
(from topbutton)

2.Get a FREE Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser ($19 value) with any beauty.com purchase.

3. Urban Decay coming out with 2 new palettes that will debut around holiday. I just got an email from them and theyre having a holiday presale. There will 100 of palettes for sale right NOW. I think I might need to wait for this since I dont really care about this palette. I will definitely try to get may hands on the the second palette tho. I checked out sephora website the other day and they have both palette pictures there...but theyre not available for sale, yet..Boo!!
4.Free standard shipping with $30 purchase from benefit. Just use this code SEPTSHIP.
Ok..that will keep you busy for now. I just dont know how am I going to survive this..
Anyhoo...I'm done for now.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So..this is supposed to be my first entry. Let me introduce myself really quick..I’m just an ordinary girl (really!) who loves make up as much as most of you who’s reading this (me blabbing away). Why you need to waste your precious moment and fucking read this? Well..honestly I really dont know Put it this why..I’m as curious as you or maybe even more since I’m also a very busy body (wink at the bf) I lurk around at other forums and people sites just to know what they’re up to or trying to gain whatever I can from them.

On those rare occasions, I can also find deals and will gladly share them with you. As much as I love my Sephora..a girl cant really rely everything from there (unless youre one of Donald Trump’s mistress) I love my high ends (will gladly to review them for you) and never forgetting my low ends (Trust me..Sunday newspapers is your bestie..I’ll tell you why later) Basically what I’m trying to say is..I’m an addict..there..

I’m not usually this boring..trust me. But since this is my intro..I do want to make it little bit proper, till you see the real me Anyway..I’m…DONE!!