Thursday, October 2, 2008

Update on Missha

So some girls were me some questions regarding the shadows...Ima answer them all at once..
1. No, I dont think I'll repurchase this again..
2. They cost $1 a pop during their store grand opening (which is right now)and $3.99 at regular price.
So some recommend me to put some colored eye shadow base under out of boredom...this is what I did..

And these are the bases that I used..

Mac Hot & Sour Paint
Shiseido Hydro Powder (Plum something)
Pharaoh Paint Pot
Benefit LemonAid

I found them to be little bit "brighter" that way, but still you cant compare to other HE shadows. If you feel like getting them, do try to invest on a very good base..that way they wont go to waste. For more info just go directly to their website Missha.

More questions? shoot away!! Like it that way I know what to talk about ;)


jeSmakeup said...

i like the green and purple

BeautyJunkie said...

arent they cute!!