Monday, February 9, 2009

Midnight Disco Balls

So I was doing nothing and bored (of course!)
I dont know about you, but when I'm bored..this is what I do.
I play around with my stash!
This is what I came up with.

Why only 1 ball? Well..I'm not THAT bored :P So I just messed around with one eye.

On another note...I checked my MUA today and realize that I havent been swapping in a while! I've been reading about girls here been swapping their cute bottoms off :) I wanna join do check out my shiet on MUA and lemme know if you would like to arrange sumtin up.

So what do you guys think about MAC and Hello Kitty collection so far? Yay? or Nay? I dont know..I'm starting to get bored of it! Yea even before it launches..too much spotlight i guess?? While I was browsing on ebay (looking for cheap shiet and waste my money on it, since I got nothing better to do...yea rite!) Lookie what I found!
A collaboration between MAC and ebay for some Hello Kitty designer dresses|66%3A4|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A200
So I assume they're legit, BUT look at the seller feedback?!? not even 100% me thinking there!

American Apparel codes..
# 15% off entire order [Exp. 02/28]
Use American Apparel Coupon Code e165-fp61534

# 10% off Intimates, underwear, bras, briefs [Exp. 02/14]
Use American Apparel Coupon Code VDAY09

# Free shipping no minimum
Use American Apparel Coupon Code Mikecship

Ok, thats pretty much it...
nite nite girls!


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i dont have an account at MUA but i'll check it out ^^

wuzzyangel said...

Gorgeous EOTD! I love the double winging!!

I don't swap on MUA cuz I've heard sketchy stuff, so I do the Blogger Swap. Ask Spankedelic for an invite!

As you know I went HK MAC overboard already... soooo... I love all the stuff I got!! :)

FuN and MakeUp said...

wow... u did such a nice job! i really like it!! i am seriously goin to try something like this =P