Monday, February 2, 2009


So me and the bf went to Medieval Times on Saturday. Honestly that was our first time there, so we really dont know what to expect. As of now they are offering a free ticket of equal or lesser value when you purchase a full price ticket...of course my cheap ass cant resist that :P
I was bad can it be? Well one thing for sure at least if its that bad I dont need to pay that full amount of 50 bones per person!

We got there pretty early, but people already start lining up. What I like about that place is, they have this bar area called "knight club" get it? lol..cheesy aiyee..who cares I got my fix of alchy for the night and more!

(Yea thats my annoy face)

We ordered pina collada (sp?) it was ok..little bit on the blehh side. The mixer doesnt taste right IMO. I think its also because I'm such a cosmopolitan girl, so pina collada just wont cut it for me :P We ended up tossing half of the drink, cause we couldnt finished it..there goes your 25 bucks drink!!

The food they served there also pretty blehhhh (its a dinner and show place). Chicken pretty bland..almost everything are! Thank God I didnt pay full price for that shiet! But for half price like right now...I think its pretty ok..just for the sake of it you know?!
Try it if you can..its fun while its cheap(er)
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Expires 2/28/2009

Oh well since I've been talkin about about something is a make up related subject..
My look the other day.

Seame Shadestick
Mac blue RR pigment
Some random teal-ish eye shadow
chanel white eyeshadow

Till next time!


wuzzyangel said...

Dang that's a big drink!! A shame it wasn't up to par though. And at least you can say you've been to a MT now.. I've never, and always wanted to.. But we don't have anything like that down here.

LOVE your blue look!!

Anonymous said...

loveeee the look so pretty

FuN and MakeUp said...

yay ur finally back =) u have such nice eyes.. i kno i told u this before.. hehehe thats a nice color too!

FuN and MakeUp said...

oh btw how was midevil times i wanna go there wit my bf... but i heard tix is expensive? tell me how it went =)