Friday, February 6, 2009

Boring stuff here I am at Peet's early in the morning, since 7 to be exact! The bf dropped me off early here since he needs to go to Calpoli to attend his orientation (boring stuff). Feel free to skip this entry if you're expecting some fun shiet :p
I'm just wondering..any of you girls own iPhones? Mine has been acting up like a mofo! I have my 3G on and all that, but when I try to connect to a website it says " ..can't open the page, cause you're not connected to the Internet.." blabla something like that you get my point?!
It pissing me off! I'm using it now, but I tweaked it here and there so the connection now has that E next to AT&T bar up there (instead of 3G logo)
I know shiet about electronic...well beside using it :p

Ok...enough bitchin :p

I wanna know what you guys think about MAC HK collection...I might pick up some items from it. F flowers for valentine..gimme the Moolah and make this girl even happier :p

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wuzzyangel said...

Sorry can't help you with the phone sitch. :(

But I went OVERBOARD on HK MAC!! LOL!! I really like the lippies(which is weird cuz I soo don't used lippies usually), & the accessories!! EEP!! SOooo cute!!