Saturday, October 25, 2008 ask?

So this is my "natural" way..everything about me is always about dark dark colors..

I used the brown color from Jesse's girl mineral eye shadow (MSF dupe? not so much) on my crease. I grab em when theyre having clearence sale on Riteaid..regret? Not really..theyre dirt cheap. I also applied it on my cheeks to give some subtle warm glow..did I achieve it? well..they were kinda glowy and glittery looking today.

Nars Galapagos on inner crease

Some random white eye liner pencil on my lid and top it with the cream coloe shadow from Kat Von D palette

Someone asked me.."why you dont show your whole face when youre doing your FOTD"?'s the thing..I do my eyes first in the morning, then the rest. So BEFORE I get too lazy to take some pictures I just do it as soon as I'm done with my eyes. One more thing..most of the time when I do a look..I usually do it when I'm lounging and doin nothing at home..there's no need to do the whole face for that..dont ya think?

I went to Mitsuwa today..grab me some Mandom makeup remover and some body wash (mainly for fun and to torture my bf so he'd smell like a bitch). While I was there I couldnt help myself to grab some sushi grade salmon and make some Korean style sashimi rice (hwe dup bap?)(thank you alyssa) God damn that shiet was so good!! The bf eat that shiet up like theres no tommorow!!

I also stop by at Sally's and got me some falsies..theyre on sale!! Go get them now!!

Whoa enough jabbering..I'm done..oh yea tomorrow Ima go to Halloween Horror sho!! so what are you ladies gon do tomorrow?

Ok nite nite dolls!!


jeSmakeup said...

HOTNESS! i like this look a lot and you're eyes =) amazing! heheheh

wuzzyangel said...

Very pretty! It's like a natural smokey eye. That cream color is just beautiful too! Tomorrow holds a craft fair for me!

Alyssa said...

Lol~ I'm glad you and your boyfriend enjoyed the hwe du bahp! Was it your first time eating it?

Kimberly Tia said...

yummmm you mae hwe du bahp -- i still need to try and attempt to make it too --YUM.

great, great job on the "natural" plus you have a great eye shape -- how do you like that Kat Von D palette btw??

BeautyJunkie said...

jess:hotness i just know how to play up my assets lol!!

wuzz..awww love craft!! but im so suck at it!! one time i tried to knit..yea half way done and I'm bored! actually it wasnt the first time :D I love love korean food..ive been to Korea once when i was a kid!

Kimberly: hey girl..I added you to my blogroll hope you dont mind :D KVD palette pretty cool...its very pigmented!! I'll do a look one day ;)

Vanessa M. said...

sexy seductive eyes!!

Kimberly Tia said...

hey girl -- u know I haven't been to that Mitsuwa yet -- I should go check out out -- and they have Mandom at Marukai also for $10.99 and at Ohayo ^_^

and i know what u mean about paying for shipping, no bueno at times, but then its nice getting things in the mail too! ^_^

im in Glendora hun, by covina/azusa where do you stay???

Alyssa said...

Tobey will be 9 in November. He's getting so old which makes me sad! :(

Dao said...

Wow, pretty eyes! Thank you for visiting my blog, please come back soon! I'm heading to Sally's for the lashes, thanks for the tip.

ainstein said...

thats what my mom says too! never really worked on me though lol

BeautyJunkie said...

vanessa : well thank you :D

Kimberly : Im in Arcadia
throw stone away from the mall lol..dont get me wrong..I love getting something on the mail but hate the shipping my solution for that..swap on MUA lol..

Alyssa : I know how you feel!

Dao : Anytime girlie ;)

BeautyJunkie said...

ain: Well..what can you do? lol..better then listening to them haters lol!